Bekkeri Villa

Kopli 79

Kopli Peninsula is recovering its former glory with the restoration of one of its most beautiful pearls Bekkeri Villa!

The former residence of the director of Bekker Shipyard was built in 1912-1914 and will be reconstructed as a residential building with 10 apartments near the Põhjala factory!

Before the twists and turns of history and becoming an industrial district, Kopli, with its picturesque landscape, was the most popular place of leisure for the people of Tallinn for centuries. Many artists captured the peninsula with its rich vegetation and its beautiful surroundings.

With the reconstruction of the building, we are trying to bring the atmosphere of the time back to the area again!

The beautiful late Art Nouveau architecture of Bekker Villa, high ceilings (3.6 m on the first floor and 3.3 m on the second floor) and high-quality interior finishing materials make this building a real pearl of Kopli peninsula!