A new approach to real estate

Creativestate looks at real estate as a holistic process – we want our projects to benefit everyone, from the environment to the wider community.

With our developments, we start from the grassroots level, so that the buildings are well thought-trough and materials environmentally friendly. Both a healthy indoor climate as well as beautiful interiors add value for a new development, so that we can feel ourselves at home and its supportive of our daily development.

We are ready to experiment and do research, how we can innovate and integrate valubale new solutions to create homes, where we would like to live ourselves and which would be inspiring for our children as well!

We believe in a better way of doing things, so we can leave a lasting legacy.

Our development projects have been carefully selected based on the location and the added value we can provide for the community.

We work with professionals in our field, including architects, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers and builders, who share our vision.


Our projects

Residential development

A home is a santuary, where you can feel safe and protected! It can be located in the city or in the countryside, it can be an apartment or a house, temporary or permanent. It rather is a collection of memories, feelings and smells!

Your home is a reflection of you! It can be filled with books and pictures or rather clean and crisp – everyone recognizes their safe spot, which helps them keep balance!

Rental houses

Modern rental real estate is fresh, smart and up to date. You will find a lot of added value in your temporary home, which will make your stay comfortable.

New area rental houses will feature co-working areas, group activities, a gym and even will get extra emotion from a NFT gallery or a green community garden – this all will make you feel like you dont’t ever want to leave this community!

For investors and partners

We are always interested in exciting new collaborative projects.
Feel free to contact us to introduce your offer!

We assist in the analysis of new development projects and the formation of a vision to create high-quality and value-added concepts.